Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 5 Things I've Learned From Networkers ~ The Bad Ones

The Network

Network [net-wurk] n. - system of connections
For the purpose of this post a networker is an anyone who attempts to connect. 

Each one of these points can easily be a single blogging subject but here is a summary what I have learned over the last nine months:

1. The 'networker' is everywhere - ALL the time.  
It's one thing to have a presence but there is such thing as overkill too. You want to be accessible without being a turn off.

2. Everything is automated. 
Hello? Is anyone there?  There is a time and place for automation.  Used correctly it can be a valuable and time-saving tool.

3. Do As I Say....Not As I Do. 
Not all practice what they preach.

4. Me, Me, Me Syndrome. 
It's ALL about them.  How about sharing a new concept, or idea. Have a guest blogger that doesn't write about you. Share other people's content. Collaborate.

5. They are happy or positive all the time. 
I am all about inspiration and motivation. But share with us a struggle or challenge. It just is another way to show your human side and as a result it cultivates trust.

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What have you learned from 'bad' networkers?

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