Thursday, May 31, 2012

Like a Moth to a Flame

I was at my darkest,  you saw my light.
The closer you came,  my lumens grew bright.
I was flailing, spinning in a cyclone.
Your fingers plucked me out and brought me home.

I was walking in-place against a wall
Your kindness was a welcome pivot-call.
Without trespassing you probed and explored
An angel sent from heaven, thank you Lord.

I set up roadblocks, landmines, and decoys
You marched through and didn't fall for my ploys.
You refused to leave, like a moth to a flame
I' m still not sure what you saw, glad you came.

You tore me down mentally, then rebuilt.
Then relit my flame without any guilt­.

Like a Moth to a Flame
16 x 12 inches
40.6 x 30.4 cm

close up

What attracts you like a moth to a flame?

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Do...

Marry me at the Castle of Versaille,
Where our love will hold hands and say I Do.
Then, it will ripple higher than the sky
And through the centuries our love will stay new.

All night dancing at the Biltmore Estate,
Adorning me with  your love and desire.
It is truly a gift how we relate,
And your pure presence, I will never tire.

When I break, you will hold me til I heal,
I will support you and not be jealous.
When you're weak I will pray, get down and kneel
And with your heart, I will not be careless.

I have been searching my whole life for you,
It's you. Will you marry me?  Yes...I do. 

I Do
20 x 20 x 1.5 inches
50.8 X 50.8 X 3.81 cm

close-up of one Swarovski crystal
shows some texture as well