Monday, January 16, 2012

65 Degrees

Every winter, my husband's crazy wife likes to play a game called..."Let's see how long we can survive the winter with no heater."... and every year he buys a new sweat suit and is incredibly thankful he has children with the crazy lady. Knowing, if it weren't for the kids, this game could get pretty bone-chilling.

     Husband: You know, it's pretty chilly in here...

     Wife:  Where's your beanie?

     Kid1:  Mommy I'm cold!

     Mom:  Put some socks on.

     Kid2:  I'm freeeeeezing!

     Mom:  Do you want some more hot chocolate?

His wife tries to convince the family, you will sleep better when it's this "cool" me.  As she quickly searches for evidence to back up her theory. Ahhh, proof.

Well, this year the family beat last year's numbers. After a record breaking 24hrs of a very cool 64 degrees in the house, she buckled and turned the heater on. She unconvincingly argued for a thermostat setting of 65, after all, she wasn't cold until 64. She was quickly vetoed and thankful the family didn't kick her out of  the warm (?) house. 

The heater has been set a negotiated 67. Is it warm in here?

65 Degrees
11 x 14 inches
27.9 x 35.5 cm

What is your sleep number?

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