Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Welcome to KESA Collections blog. This particular post is unique for two reasons. This is the first time I have had a guest blogger, please welcome Stuart Nager; published author/Creative Chameleon, practicing and living a creative life. He has become a dear friend, one of the few I have turned to for inspiration when I get 'creatively-stuck', and I am always eager to read next what he has penned. He has some awesome sonnets and short stories. 

He was only given the title of the painting and this exact picture (from my iPhone) to use for his inspiration. There were no other requests from me, he had free reign. Enjoy. 

The preacher stood in the cold river, waiting for the faithful arrive…to be saved. Rev. Joshua had been doing this forever, blessed with the gift since he could wade into the water.  He smiled in anticipation, looking forward to saving another soul, bringing them fully into the fold of the lord.
He had no congregation but his own faith. Self ordained, righteous in his belief, Rev. Joshua held his arms out, palms out, in supplication. Beatific would be an invented word for him, if it had not already existed at that moment. This was holy, in his mind, and he waited for others to join him in all that was holy.
The Rev Joshua waited the morning away, tranquil in the buzzing of the wildlife around him. Stoic, time passed him by in common communion, nothing disturbing the ordinance of his faith.  The afternoon came and went, and dusk was descending, and still no one else was there save he.
Finally leaving the water, stiff, water shriveled, he collapsed to his knees on the tall grass. Joshua felt shriven, as he had presented himself to the ultimate. He had confessed, did his penance, and was absolved, and he felt this not only for himself but for everyone, for every soul. It had been a baptismal experience of the highest power, and he would do this again tomorrow.
No one came this day; no one came the day before, or the day before that. He doubted anyone would arrive in any of the coming days. He had made his peace with this, his private communion, his baptism for the world.
He stood up, looked into the heavens and said only “Hallelujah.” 

For more of Stuart, please visit his site at Sign up for his blog or enter one of his blog writing challenges. 

24 x 30 x 1.5 inches
61 x 76.2 x 3.81 cm

The second reason this post is unique is because I am introducing a new element in some of my paintings, starting with this one...semi-precious stones! This painting contains over two carats of moonstones  and over 60  Swarovski crystals. I am really excited about this new add. I have a couple more in the works so be sure to return often to have a look : )

We would love to hear your comments on his story, my painting, our combined forces...thank you so much.

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