Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is That Art? Indeed!

Perusing through the isles at AmericasMart Atlanta, two very different artists stood out among the rest. Their vision of using different materials in nature to create beauty was noticed.

Christopher Marley uses bugs! While I am sure there is a scientific name for collecting insects, when you see the examples below, most will think - bugs. The images below are incredible. His precision in placement and arrangement is the key to his displays of art.

Finae by Christopher Marley*

A collection of stag beetles found in Indonesia.

30 x 40 Damselfly Diamonds by Christopher Marley*

Damselfly found in the Philippines
I encourage you to look at his website to view the amazing blue color of these damselflies.

In contrast, artist Michele Alcock, uses parts of plants and flowers to create her whimsical
"Garden Girls, Nature's Magic with a Little Bling". She carefully and thoughtfully layers the materials until an image is born. In most of her pieces she uses over ten plants and flowers. She adds a bit of 'bling' by adding Austrian crystals. Each work of art is signed by the artist.

Augustine by Michele Alcock*

Grace by Michele Alcock*

*Photographs were taken and used with permission from the artist. 
Thank you Christopher. Thank you Michele.

To learn more about each artist:
Christopher Marley website:
Michele Alcock fan page on FaceBook: 

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