Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moved or Captured - yes

As an artist I get asked, “Do you like, buy, or collect other artist’s work?” My response? “Of course I do!” There are SO many forms of art I like. But the ones I LOVE typically move or capture me. 

When I’m moved by a piece of art it can be the obvious physical movement; a smile, a smirk, a pout, a verbal “Wow!”, a change in my stance, a tilt of the head…Or it can be an  internal twitch that makes me study a piece longer because I’m trying to discover …what is the source of the movement?  It can set my mind in motion, stir my thoughts, propel my imagination or dig up a memory.

Paintings that move me.
                                          Deep Memory by Laurie Pace*

                                          Atrapada by Henri Peter*      

There are also those few paintings,  that my eyes become fixed upon. I just stand and stare. I’ll squint to see if there “is more” to the picture than what I initially saw. I’ll step closer. I’ll step back. I’ll ‘analyze’. My eyes never leave the piece, they can’t, they are captured. This treasure hanging on the wall has abducted my vision and confiscated my surroundings. Time is trapped and the masterpiece has conquered me. 

Paintings that capture me.

                                                      Play Boy by Laurie Pace*

Elements by Henri Peter*

There is a third scenario. A scarce piece of art that has the ability to both capture and move…priceless…

Day of Reckoning by Laurie Pace*                                           

Cascada de Amor by Henri Peter*                             

*The above paintings are by artists Laurie Pace and Henri Peter. Each have graciously granted me permission to use images of their paintings in my blog. Thank you Laurie. Thank you Henri.
Here are links to more information on them:

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