Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is That Art Two?

While my intentions were to compile a list of my favorite things at the Americas Mart Atlanta; a dead camera battery changed my plans.  And then my computer crashed and burned. Bummer! So I am going with the flow, and resisting the urge to become frustrated. I developed a new idea...Is That Art Two?

 It was the architecture in the print that first caught my eye. Then I realized how much I liked the greys, muted greys, and light Titan Buff colors on the even lighter grey background. It is the Italian Grisaille with Architectural Wall Scene by Tara Shaw - Maison.  

I first saw this wonderful print on a dining chair, and said "Wow!"  After that I was hooked and lured into the wonderful world of Tara Shaw. She has been importing French, Italian, and Swedish antiques for almost 20 years. Her new line, Maison, includes hand-carved reproductions from the original European antique. 

Grisaille Mid Century Chair*

 Notice the handle on top of the chair.*

The Grisaille print on a pillow sham.*

Pillow displayed on her Shelter Sofa in Belgian Linen *

Yep, that would be Tara Shaw and myself standing in front of  the Grisaille prints on wall panels *

My intent with this blog isn't necessarily about exposure to/for Tara Shaw; you see, she is already internationally known. My hope was to showcase art in a different light. Perhaps widen the lines of  your box a little. Maybe you are able 'to see' art not just hung above the sofa on a wall in a home, or in a museum, but in many different unexpected places...a pillow, a chair, a wall panel.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this is art?

*Pictures taken and used with permission by Tara Shaw. Thank you Tara, it was a pleasure meeting you. 

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