Saturday, May 7, 2011


Let There Be Light
3ft. x 4ft.

Shazam! It adds a sound effect to the movement of light. You can feel the speed of light waking up the darkness, it is so fast everything is a blur, your skin is rippling, you are unrecognizable, air is being forced down your mouth but you can’t breath. You are moving at the speed of light.

I had no idea what Shazam meant or where it came from so I looked it up. Check this out. A superhero that possesses the following traits:

Wisdom of Solomon.
Strength of Hercules.
Stamina of Atlas.
Power of    Zeus.
Courage of Achilles.
Speed of    Mercury.

This next painting is about a big idea. A grand idea, like a supernova ricocheting within your cranium. An idea that is overflowing with wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage and speed, that is one serious idea. That’s the kind of awe-inspiring idea I’m talking about.

My original vision was more explosive looking, with many light points being emitted from one source. But I couldn’t shake the thought of  a “piercing idea”. Rather, I couldn’t shake the “piercing feeling”. An impression that penetrates your being. Something that has captured you and a thought you are unable to release. So I created one spoke of light being ejected from a source that is immeasurable.  

Light is constantly moving, it never stops, nor should we.  A worthy idea is similar. It is conceived, and then evolves, it is ongoing.

We are all superheroes in the sense that we are all gifted. Our gifts are accompanied with ideas. Allow your ideas to have a Shazam foundation and you will excel. What are your ideas? I am confident that you have some great ones. After all, you are the light of the world. It's time to let your light shine.


  1. I LOVE this painting! Gorgeous! You are a talented lady!!!

  2. Wow! "Shazam" is a much more powerful word than I thought! Your painting really represents the power of all its meaning. Thank you so much for sharing and for inviting me to your site! =)

  3. A very humble thank you Samantha. I look forward to following more of your writing as well. Be blessed.