Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Full Throttle ~ let’s ride

Yep, that's me. On top of a hill and ready to ride!
Currently I am working on a painting that has taken me on quite a ride. It keeps changing ‘itself’ and now I am stuck. Regardless, I can’t seem to get away from the idea of movement. Keep going. Keep moving. Keep living. Go. Go. Go.

From about the age of eight, we went to the sand dunes 3-4 times a year. Riding atv’s (quads) and sandrails were included in most of our vacations. We would camp out in the sand, hang out with friends, enjoy huge campfires, and most of all go on ‘rides’.

Before I continue, please allow me to define ‘hill’ for the novice, in regards to the sand dunes. An average hill is a 30-50 foot high mountain of sand. So, imagine a three to five story building. I hope this imagery aids in my story.

It can be very easy to get stuck when you ride in the sand, especially when riding up a steep hill. Here’s the key….when in doubt, go full throttle! I can clearly remember my dad yelling, “Don’t stop! Give it more gas!”  If you stop or slow down too much then your tires get bogged down and buried in the sand. And let me tell you, that is the worst thing, having to dig yourself out of the sand. It is the most awkward balancing act, not to mention sometimes dangerous. I can’t tell you how many times a bike has rolled over a body part or two trying to dig myself out.

Now, there’s another part to that formula. As you are approaching the top of the hill barely turn your wheel to the left or the right so you are able to arrive at the top at an angle. Why? Well, first, this keeps you from flying over the top. Second, once you reach your zenith you are able to see what you have accomplished. And third, you are able to accurately scan the horizon and decide which hill you want to conquer next. And so the cycle continues…

Such is with life. Life is full of ‘hills’. Up and down we go. Sometimes we get stuck going up and sometimes we get hurt flying over the top.

Where ever you are in your ‘ride’ right now, don’t stop. Keep going. Keep moving. Keep living. Go. Go. Go.

On my descent...

I made it! Now on to the next hill...and the next...and the next...


  1. I never knew this about you! What an adventurous girl you are! Now go, go, go on your paintings! You have talent both writing and painting!

  2. writing, painting, adventure.... u are a multi-talented girl !!!!